Dance Music 101: Techno

It was in Detroit, Michigan where the techno music genre originated from. The Belleville Three found this type of music genre when they began experimenting with the electronic music during their time at Belleville High. Thus, they were the first to influence the initial foundation of techno music, the Detroit Techno. Kraftwerk also had a vital role in the popularization of the techno music genre. It is described as a dystopian music genre wherein it is commonly used in futuristic settings in films. It found its footing despite the grim outlook of Detroit because of the recession and the decline in the economy during the late 1980s. The different divisions of the techno music genre include the following.

Acid Techno

Roland and techno music genres have a close bond with each other. In acid techno, the TR 909 and TR 808 were used as the mean percussion instruments while the TB 303 was utilized for the heart pounding bass of the acid techno. This subgenre of techno music found its home in the existence of the Chicago Acid House where it later bloomed and spread its influence. The most known artists who incorporated the acid techno genre in their music were the likes of Mike Ink, the Spiral Tribe, Jon the Dentist and Plastikman.

Detroit Techno

It was Detroit techno that started it all in the name of the traditional techno music genre. Utilized by the Belleville Three, it gave birth to the several genres of techno music and even influenced other music genres that are relatively different compared to techno music. Among the popular techno music artists, the likes of Blake Baxter, Moody Man and Octave One are well known in the genre.

Ghetto Techno

When it comes to ghetto techno, it’s an innovative and creative combination that’s raw composed of techno, hip-hop and glitch music genres. It is most often that the lyrics contain foul and sexual language and the beats per minute is characterized by its fast pace that’s enough to be put into a classification as a dance music.


Minimal Techno

Coming from its name, minimal techno is the minimalist type of the techno music genre. Compared to the traditional techno music, minimal techno is characterized by its simplistic approach to the music by stripping down most of the details that is found in techno music, leaving only the pure form and beauty of techno music. Renowned music recording labels who used minimal techno in their styles are BPitch, Kompakt and Cocoon Recordings.

Symphonic Techno

To describe symphonic techno, it is much similar with the ambient music genre. This is because there is the distinct drum and bass style, then slowly fading into techno music while there is a trace of progressive rock found in the tracks. Good examples are in the likes of symphonic techno or symphonic acid. Music artists that utilize the symphonic techno subgenre include the likes of Jesper Kyd, Hybrid and AQi Fzono.


Another addition to the techno genre, nortec is a Mexican style techno music that integrate the traditional Mexican music with techno. Discover more